Other Facilities

Cadet Mess

To meet the dining needs of the cadets, there is a cadet mess with all allied facilities and highly trained staff.

M.I. Room

The college M.I.Room has ten beds ward for the cadets. College medical officer assisted by the other medical staff looks after the M.I.Room. In case of serious illess or injury, cadets are sent to CMH Jhelum.

Indoor Games

At Cadet College Jhelum, indoor games like table tennis, carrom board etc facility is available.


The College has a gymnasium equiped with latest excercise equipment where cadets can review their own strngths and utilize this facility as per need..

Electricty Backup

A heavy duty automatic generator has been installed at Cadet College Jhelum to fulfil power crisis.


There is a spacious cafeteria which caters to the needs of the cadets, staff and parents. In the cafe building, we have stationery,fruit, barber and tailor shops.

Security System

The safety and security of the cadets is our first rated priority. Efforts like efficient security guards with arms, CCTV cameras, arms detectors and security files for all cadets have been made to ensure a fool proof security system of the college.

Movie Night

On every Saturday night, a cinema movie is shown to all cadets.

Telephone Calls

All cadets are permitted to make phone calls to their parents on every Sunday.

College Magazine

The College magazine "Jhelumians" is published on regular basis in separate English and urdu sections. It contains articals, essays, oems and short stories produced by the Cadets and Teachers. A brief coverage is given to activities and achievements of the institution.